U13 Girls' Results - League 2 2001/2002

2 Lap Race
1Laurel CallenderNewquay & Par19.4
2Lizzy AndersonKernow AC19.6
3Rebecca TonkinCornwall AC19.7
4Vicky JarmanNewquay & Par19.9
4Nicola HigmanNewquay & Par19.9
6Jasmin HicksNewquay & Par20.0
6Lauren OpieTOPS20.0
8Natasha JohnsCornwall AC20.2
9Lauren WoodfindenNewquay & Par20.5
9Amy Roberts ClarkeCornwall AC20.5
11Rebecca FlowerTOPS20.6
12Emily HarrisCornwall AC20.7
13Michaela HiltonNewquay & Par20.8
14Maria HawkeTOPS21.1
15Frances PriceNewquay & Par21.2
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4 Lap Race
1Amy TatlowKernow AC40.6
2Jasmin HicksNewquay & Par40.8
3Rebecca TonkinCornwall AC41.2
4Rebecca FlowerTOPS42.7
5Natasha JohnsCornwall AC43.2
6Frances PriceNewquay & Par43.3
7Michaela HiltonNewquay & Par44.1
7Lauren WoodfindenNewquay & Par44.1
9Emily HarrisCornwall AC45.0
10Amy Roberts ClarkeCornwall AC46.9
11Kate HoramTOPS47.7
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6 Lap Race
1Jessica CouchLaunceston AC62.4
2Laurel CallenderNewquay & Par62.8
3Vicky JarmanNewquay & Par64.2
4Rachel BakerLaunceston AC67.2
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Circuit Relay
1Newquay & ParNewquay & Par70.0
2Newquay & Par BNewquay & Par70.6
3Cornwall ACCornwall AC71.7
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4 x 2 Lap Relay
1Newquay & ParNewquay & Par80.8
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8 Lap Parlaaf
1Kernow ACKernow AC79.5
2Launceston ACLaunceston AC80.2
3Newquay & ParNewquay & Par80.4
4Newquay & Par BNewquay & Par81.9
5Cornwall ACCornwall AC84.3
8Cornwall AC BCornwall AC88.8
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Standing Vertical Jump
1Jessica CouchLaunceston AC47
2Vicky JarmanNewquay & Par47
3Emily HarrisCornwall AC44
4Lauren OpieTOPS43
5Nicola HigmanNewquay & Par42
6Laurel CallenderNewquay & Par40
7Rebecca FlowerTOPS39
8Lauren WoodfindenNewquay & Par37
9Natasha JohnsCornwall AC36
10Rachel BakerLaunceston AC36
11Maria HawkeTOPS35
12Michaela HiltonNewquay & Par33
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Standing Triple Jump
1Lizzy AndersonKernow AC6.43
2Amy TatlowKernow AC6.24
3Amy Roberts ClarkeCornwall AC5.99
4Jasmin HicksNewquay & Par5.72
5Rachel BakerLaunceston AC5.24
6Nicola HigmanNewquay & Par5.17
7Emily HarrisCornwall AC5.13
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Standing Long Jump
1Jessica CouchLaunceston AC2.00
2Lizzy AndersonKernow AC1.90
3Amy TatlowKernow AC1.83
4Rachel BakerLaunceston AC1.83
5Jasmin HicksNewquay & Par1.79
6Rebecca TonkinCornwall AC1.78
7Laurel CallenderNewquay & Par1.76
8Lauren OpieTOPS1.74
9Frances PriceNewquay & Par1.71
10Amy Roberts ClarkeCornwall AC1.69
11Heather GunningLaunceston AC1.67
12Michaela HiltonNewquay & Par1.59
13Lauren WoodfindenNewquay & Par1.58
14Natasha JohnsCornwall AC1.52
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High Jump
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Shot Putt
1Kate HellerNewquay & Par7.66
2Jessica CouchLaunceston AC6.74
3Nicola HigmanNewquay & Par6.59
4Amy TatlowKernow AC6.30
5Vicky JarmanNewquay & Par5.61
6Heather GunningLaunceston AC5.60
7Rebecca TonkinCornwall AC5.27
8Rebecca FlowerTOPS5.17
9Frances PriceNewquay & Par5.03
10Kate HoramTOPS4.68
11Maria HawkeTOPS4.27
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